Coming from the dynamically typed Ruby, the concept of function overloading was a very foreign concept to me. I hope to succinctly explain the concept to other developers by looking at some code from a project I have been working on.

Elixir has very powerful pattern matching capabilities that allow…

In Elixir the most used tool for iterating through collections is recursion. Most of us know recursion as referencing a function within its own invocation. This function gets called until it arrives at a base terminating case or after it has been called a fixed number of times. …

Phoenix is a modern web framework for the functional programming language Elixir. Phoenix comes shipped with something called Phoenix Channels, a feature of Phoenix that allows for soft real-time communication out of the box.

Channels can be used for:

  • Chat rooms and APIs for messaging apps
  • “Breaking” news (like emergencies…

In Elixir the for keyword is used differently than most other language. The for keyword starts something called a comprehension in Elixir.

A comprehension is basically syntactic sugar for looping through enumerables in Elixir.

The first part of the expression, x <- list, is what is known as a generator…

Cody DeMartin

Full-Stack Engineer

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